About Me

My name is Allison, designer, owner of Three Wildflowers, mom of three girls, aunt to five nieces, and certified girly-girl (yes, I am the mom who embarrasses her kids crying at Hallmark movies, singing along to Disney animations, and sending little notes in their bookbags to school). I am crazy about offering the best for your family because I completely understand the need to make their moments memorable and special. THREE WILDFLOWERS is a handmade tutus and tees shop designed especially for little girls. The idea grew from my own daughters’ individuality, creativity, and love for life. Oh, and my love for #allthegirlythings!

When my oldest daughter, Audrey, celebrated her fourth birthday, I had made tutus as favors for all of the guests. I knew I wanted the tutu gifts to be unique and something each family would save for their daughter to play dress-up. It had to be well-made since I knew from experience the tutu would be taken on and off several times a day for months. The girls would wear it as they twirled around the living room as a dancing princess, or jump in it as they bounced on the trampoline pretending to fly like a fairy, or maybe tumble in it as they ran through the yard with ribbons of tulle trailing behind her. (I am a former can-can dancer, so I know first hand your skirt can’t have too much volume!)

Soon those guests wanted to buy more tutus for their daughters in other colors and for friends to give as gifts. As they say, I started sewing and never stopped. As THREE WILDFLOWERS has grown, I have perfected each tutu to have a hand-wrapped satin waistband and oversized bow for a more finished, elegant look. We have added coordinating embroidered, thermal transfer, and sublimated design bodysuits and t-shirts to offer completed outfits. Some of our more popular designs have been our birthday lines and holiday looks.

She belongs among the wildflowers - Tom Petty

THREE WILDFLOWERS continues to take inspiration from my daughters every day. Each of them is an individual: smart, sensitive, and sweet. (I might be just a little biased, but they are pretty amazing!) As I choose colorways and combinations for the collections, I include combinations that might not be found in other shops. It’s important to offer fresh designs, so your daughter’s outfit and birthday aren’t just like every other picture on Instagram this season.

Being a mother of 3, I understand how important it is to ensure quality and value. The satin we use in our waistbands is double wrapped, so it isn’t irritating on your daughter’s sensitive skin. The edges of our ribbon are finished to resist fraying, ensuring extended use with proper care.

Fun, unique, exciting tutus and tees, superior quality and workmanship, are my key values. All of the work is done by hand with care and attention to detail for years of enjoyment.